We support the creation of thriving ecologically, culturally and economically sustainable Native Nations.  The renewal of traditional relationships of balance, honor and reciprocity with our homelands, ecologies, communities, and families form the foundation of resilient sustainable Nations, and our work is designed to support this renewal!
We do this work through offering professional training, development services, and programs in renewable energy systems, green and natural building, ecological wastewater treatment, food sovereignty, Indigenous community master planning, and localized bioregional economic development.  
We also offer ongoing workshops, community dialogue, and program development services on:
  • Medicinal plants and healing
  • Decolonial Parenting
  • Indigenous Schooling and Education
  • Sexual health, Education, and Childbirth
And offer a new program, Indigenous Healing Justice, to address gendered violence in our community and provide workshops, dialogue, avenues for community resilience, accountability, and survivor-led healing that is rooted in transformative justice and traditional Indigenous teachings.

Board of Directors

  • Tom Goldtooth, (Dine’/Dakota), Director, Indigenous Environmental Network
  • Jihan Gearon (Dine’) Executive Director, Black Mesa Water Coalition
  • Scott Moore y Medina (Xicano) Principal, Blue Star Integrative Studio

Advisory Board

  • Doran Dalton, (Hopi), Director, Renewable Energy Program; Executive Director, NativeSUN
  • Johnny Weiss, Director, Solar Energy International
  • David Eisenberg, Director, Development Center for Appropriate Technology


  • Dr. PennElys Droz, (Anishinaabe/Wyandot), Executive Director, Ecological Design/Builder
  • Timoteio Padilla, Tucson Indigenous Adobe Initiative Program Director
  • Claudio Rodriguez (Yaqui/Zapotec), Rainwater Catchment/CAD Design
  • Tayamni GoodShield, (Anishinaabe/Lakota) Media Intern

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