Buildings are also infused with the spirit of the place, the intent and prayers of the builders, and are understood to be a living entity by many. This includes meaning and pattern encoded into the shapes used, the directional placement of the building, colors represented, and the very materials used in the construction process.

Sustainable Nations integrates traditional design principles and materials with contemporary resources and techniques to produce homes and buildings that represent a community’s values, and foster a sense of connection, emotional health, and cultural identity.

By re-integrating cultural meaning and environmentally responsive and regenerative design into our homes and communities, we are placing ourselves again in right relationship to our communities, cultures, and landscape. Living in homes constructed in this way is a continuous reminder to us and our future generations of the living relationship we keep with our communities and land as native peoples to this Earth.

Sustainable Nations Building professionals are available to: Provide professional ecological building training to tribal contractors, construction crews and community members. Design and oversee the construction of ecological buildings, and co-design buildings based on traditional architecture and local materials. Design and build homes, incorporating training for local people. Organize and facilitate community-guided building design ‘charrettes.’

Our specialties are:

  • Straw Bale buildings
  • Adobe and Cob buildings
  • Adobe floor installation
  • Adobe and Lime Artistic Finish Plasters
  • Green Remodels

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