Native lands hold some of the highest renewable energy potentials on Turtle Island, yet we also pay the highest rates for electrical services and have the most un-electrified households! We support the production of tribally owned renewable energy for the sustainability of our Native Nations. Sustainable Nations considers renewable energy to be energy obtained in a manner that is not destructive to the ecology and social fabric of the community. This means that we promote energy systems that include solar electric, solar thermal, wind, and microhydroelectricity that are installed in appropriate locations, at appropriate scales. A large solar farm that would impact a sacred site, or a wind farm that is located in a migratory bird flight path are not healthy energy installations.

Renewable energy power systems can be used to support individual homes or buildings, small communities, or the entire Nation, and can be connected to existing power grids or can be independent systems.

Sustainable Nations renewable energy staff is available to help your community, family, or Nation determine the best renewable energy match for your needs. We offer:

  •     Project planning services
  •     Energy site evaluations
  •     Energy Audits
  •     Design and installation of small to mid-scale renewable energy systems
  •     Professional training in solar, solar hot water, wind, and micro-hydroelectric energy.

For more information please contact our Renewable Energy Program at

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