Consulting and Development Services 

Our staff is available on a contract basis to provide consulting and development services for your tribe, community, or family. We can:

  • Assist you in creating a comprehensive sustainable development plan that is appropriate for your region, community, and culture.
  • Assist in implementing your vision from planning to completion.
  • Provide educational hands-on workshops in your community on natural building, community-scale energy development, wastewater management, and food security.
  • Contract specific projects in line with our expertise, or identify skilled professionals in your area that can implement your projects.
  • Offer hands-on workshops for youth organizations and schools

For more information please email:

  • Community Planning

    Community Planning

    Sustainable community planning provides for the economic, social, cultural, and ecological needs of your community or nation while not sacrificing integrity for future generations. It is a visionary process requiring a high level of community direction.

  • Ecological/Traditional Building

    Ecological/Traditional Building

    Traditional Indigenous architectural design emerges from values held by the people, the purpose of the building, the way families move within it, the materials available locally, and aesthetic sense. Traditional architectural forms also encompass strategies ideal for environmental adaptation, including earth-sheltered building, double-insulated walls, and the use of quickly renewable resources.

  • Renewable Energy

    Renewable Energy

    Native lands hold some of the highest renewable energy potentials on Turtle Island, yet we also pay the highest rates for electrical services and have the most un-electrified households! We support the production of tribally owned renewable energy for the sustainability of our Native Nations.

  • Traditional/Sustainable Food Systems

    Traditional/Sustainable Food Systems

    Reconnecting our peoples and Nations to the sources of our food, growing our own healthy food, and supporting the revival of traditional food sources is a powerful way to strengthen our communities.

  • Water/Wastewater


    The source of life and a sacred element, it is vital to respect and preserve, and maintain the purity of our water. We design systems that mirror the Earth’s systems for maintaining the purity of water, and support the natural cycles.